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Provides symptomatic relief and management of arthritis and maintaining heart health.



Jardine Pharmaceuticals Polypill Joint Capsules are based on patented oak extract technology. Oak has been used traditionally in European medicine for the symptomatic relief and management of arthritis and maintaining heart health. Jardine Pharmaceuticals has the international licence for the ‘Modified Polyphenol Technology’, allowing the oak polyphenols to reach their full potential.

Oak is used traditionally for the symptomatic relief and management of arthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritic pain. This is due to a polyphenol group called ellagitannins ( ET’s) and are found in the oak timber (heartwood). As with other polyphenol rich foods (e.g. tea, coffee and wine), these generally have small effects on the body as these molecules find it difficult to move from the intestines to the cells.

Jardine Pharmaceuticals is able to extract these oak ET’s and make them more available to the cells, profoundly increasing their effectiveness.

Benefits of PolyPill Joint Capsules

  • Restore vitality in aging
  • Provide temporary relief of the pain of osteoarthritis and
  • Help reduce joint inflammation associated with arthritis

Directions For Using PolyPill Joint Capsules

Adults: Take 2 to 3 capsules daily

PolyPill Joint Capsules Ingredients

  • Quercus robur (stem wood) equiv dry 1800mg
  • Standardised to Polyphenols calculated as Pyrogallol 48mg
  • Contains dextrin

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