Massage Therapies – Reflexology

As we offer a wide range of relaxing massage therapies, we thought it be a good idea to shed some light on each therapy one by one.

Starting today with “Reflexology.”

Anyone who has experienced a really good reflexology treatment would say the after effect is somewhat like “walking on air.”

I even think it gives one the sensation of truly “standing in your feet.”

By actually using all of your feet in a healthy and relaxed way without tension or soreness.

Reflexology dates back to ancient Egyptian times, evolving from Zone Therapy in the early 1900’s, to the treatment we now know today (since the 1950’s).

Reflexology is a very scientific modality. There is a “map” if you like on the sole of our feet and through this “map”we can access every system and every organ within the body. Basically reflexology mirrors these organs and systems by some 70,000 nerve endings in the soles of our feet. By working with touch this gives relief and relaxation.

For the Elderly reflexology is a wonderful treatment. The immune system is stimulated, a treatment will clear fatigue and give a feeling of wellbeing (lifted spirits). There are often so many aches and pains as we age, therefore this therapy can really make someone feel wonderful and really cared for.

If you have never experienced a reflexology treatment then I would definitely recommend one hour as a good place to start. Call 0437-018-334 to book your next appointment.

Thank you for joining us once again, until next time.

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