Massage & Beauty Treatments

Soothing Effects Massage & Wellness offer a broad range of relaxing massage, beauty therapies and wellness products, guaranteed to leave you revitalised & refreshed.

Soothing Effects ageLOC

Anti Aging ageLOC Technology

Scientific breakthrough technology working within the cells to re-set youth gene clusters to a more youthful state and thus preventing degenerative disease. Stimulates lymphatic system, helps break down & toxins, reducing cellulite, fat, stretch marks and wrinkles. The Anti Aging ageLOC System can also be purchased through us, currently not available in stores. Proudly brought to you by Nu Skin.

Soothing Effects Aramotherapy


Using the healing properties of essential oils to enhance the effects of your massage.

Soothing Effects Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapy Treatments

Be pampered and feel good with a wide range of wonderful beauty therapay treatments we have to offer: Foot Spa, Scrubs, Back Legs, Exfoliation, Mini Facials, Stress Management, Manicures and Pedicures. Including the Nu Skin – Skin Care Range and the Anti Aging ageLOC Galvanic Spa System.

Soothing Effects Beauty Therapy

Corporate Massage

We find the uplifting buzz of corporate massage increases productivity and creates a sense of wellness and fun which vibrates through the workplace in a positive way. Can be provided at an employee’s desk or in a small meeting room. No oils need be applied so that employee’s may resume work as soon as the therapy session is over. Just 15 minutes of massage decreases job stress and significantly increases alertness and focus for greater productivity.

Soothing Effects Couples Massage

Couples Massage

An opportunity for friends and couples to receive treatments at the same time as there are two massage rooms now available.

Soothing Effects Couples Massage

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

Is an anatomically based treatment which addresses painful trigger points, caused by postural dysfunction, repetitive action and incorporates injury rehabilitation & prevention. Sports massage incorporates a range of techniques; remedial, myofascial, stretching, & trigger points all employed to loosen muscle tension and increase range-of movement at joints. Deep tissue works to re-align internal muscle layers and connective tissue.

Soothing Effects doterra Aromatouch

doTERRA Aromatouch Technique

Restoring health with the power of natural essential oils. A blissful experience to help you recharge and increase the benefits to systemic or whole body.

Soothing Effects Ear Candling

Ear Candling

The traditional ancient ritual of ear candling has a magical scent of honey sage and chamomile. It helps calm the mind, sooths the head & ears, relaxes you naturally and has a host of other benefits: removal of excess ear wax, unblocks sinus, cold relief, can relieve ear noise, stress, headaches and pressure imbalance. The treatment takes around ½ hour.

Soothing Effects Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Can be either deep relaxation or remedial. Warm oil is drizzled on the body and the hot stones release tension, pain and stress.

Please Note: this treatment requires prior notice to prepare, an extra fee applies for setup & clean up.

Soothing Effects Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

Lomo Lomi – Hawaiian Massage

Activation of Lymph flow which relaxes the body and assists detoxification, the lowering of blood pressure, draining of excess fluid and boosts immune defence.

Soothing Effects Magnesium Therapy


Combining the healing benefits of Magnesium & MSM products with massage allows the skin to absorb the vital elements into the circulation. This promotes tissue saturation which is then carried via the circulatory system around the body penetrating cells with amazing effects.

Soothing Effects Mobile Massage

Mobile Massage

Whether you’re at home, in the office, outdoors or unable to make it to the clinic, our mobile massage therapists come to you! Our team of mobile therapists provide a range of professional therapy modalities including: Remedial, Deep Tissue and Chinese Cupping upon request. Mobile treatments are also available on the weekends.

Soothing Effects Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is the perfect way to promote a sense of wellbeing and relaxation for both mother and baby. This massage will assist & relieve many of the stresses that can be somewhat uncomfortable during pregnancy. Plus the baby enjoys the relaxation and blood stimulation of the massage. Post natal massage is also important to help the mother regain her strength and vitality.

Soothing Effects Reflexology


Reflexologoy is a very scientific modality. There is a “map” if you like, on the sole of our feet through which we can access every system and organ within the body, via some 70,000 nerve endings. The immune system is stimulated, fatigue is cleared and it provides a feeling of wellbeing (lifted spirit). The after effect is somewhat like “walking on air” and can give one the sensation of truly “standing in their feet.”

Soothing Effects Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

A combination of both Swedish techniques & Aromatherapy. Drift away under a soothing touch. Reduces stress, anxiety and improves your health.

Soothing Effects Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

The ideal treatment for body maintenance and the prevention of injury – relieves symptoms, injury or muscular dysfunction and posture assessment.