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The Good Oil

The Good Oil

Soothing Effects is partnering with Adventures in Weight Loss to help people have even better results with their inner health. We cannot understate the importance of supplementation in weight loss. Nutritionally deficient people really are up against it when their body messaging system is constantly telling them they need more food. This is one of


Nocturnal Cramps

A cramp is an involuntary contracted muscle that does not relax. They can affect part of all of a muscle, or several muscles in a group. The most commonly affected muscle groups are the thigh and calf muscles, although cramps in the feet, hands, arms, abdomen and along the rib cage are also very common.

Fibromyalgia – Cathy Harrison’s Story

Hi my name is Cathy Harrison. The doctors say there is very little to no hope but the good news is that’s not true. Here’s a “little” story… Nearly ten years ago now I was a young mum with three kids. I was very fit, active and strong but gradually a sense of ill ease


Let’s Talk About Iodine

Many chronic illnesses can be traced back to an inadequate amount of iodine in the body. Some History: Salt was iodised in an attempt to combat a dietary deficiency in 1924. In the early 1960’s iodine was added to bread as a dough conditioner. In the 1980’s due to iodophobia, iodine was replaced with bromine


Let’s Talk About Magnesium

There are so many distressing stories about magnesium deficiency. Recently we did a talk for the Arthritis Support Group at Maroochydore, arthritis can prevent a lot of joy of life; sometimes one can only begin having symptoms of arthritis after taking medication. How many of us have to take medication? MAGNESIUM (Mg) Deficiency, triggers or

Soothing Effects Love Your Guts

Do you Love your Guts?

A Healthy Gut “Key” To Preventing Disease The most exciting story in medicine in recent years? A link between gut and disease and emotional and mental wellbeing. An unhealthy gut microbiota has been linked to many cancers, including colon cancer. Australia is now poised to become the global frontier in navigating this mostly unchartered territory


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