If you have any questions or queries about our website or massage therapies, you may find your answer below with our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your answer is not found below, please contact us and we will happily provide you with an answer.

Q: Where is your clinic located?

Our Soothing Effects Massage clinic is located in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast – QUEENSLAND.

Q: Do you have EFTPOS?

Yes, we have EFTPOS and HICAPS facilities.

Q: Will it hurt?

Massage Therapy should always be tailored to suit an individual as everyone feels differently. Massage can be as heavy or light as is desired by the client and should always be individually stylised to meet the client’s therapy needs.

Q: I am not in pain so why have a massage?

Massage Therapy is not always about fixing poor tired aching bodies. It is excellent for that but it is also most important to have regular massage for body and health maintenance.

Q: Will it help my stress levels?

It is always important to get support when you feel stressed. Massage is an excellent tool to de-stress the body and mind and helps with coping mechanisms as it rejuvenates body, mind and spirit.

Q: Will it make me tired?

Each person tends to have their own individual reaction to massage. It can make you feel much regenerated and physically energetic and also can make you so deeply relaxed that you may prefer to take it easy for a while afterwards. Different therapy types also create different responses.

Q: Why is it considered good health management to have regular massage?

There are many reasons why therapeutic massage is good for health and wellbeing:

  • It will assist with stress management by calming the nervous system and relaxing the muscles.
  • When fatigued the massage will re-energise you.
  • Massage will manage soft tissue injuries; reduce fibrosis and adhesions from injury.
  • Massage will reduce pain.
  • Massage will stimulate lymphatic circulation and improve blood flow.
  • Massage improves muscular function and can even improve digestion and stimulate the immune system and thus may prevent future health issues.

Q: Why do Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage & Hot Stone Massage incur an extra fee?

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage & Hot Stones Massage therapies incur an extra fee, due to extra preparation in set up & clean up.

Q: Can I claim this on my health insurance?

Provided the insurance company and table you are in covers remedial massage and also provided you haven’t surpassed your annual quota for that type of treatment. Health fund provider numbers also available.

Q: Do you charge a Cancellation Fee?

Yes, we do charge a Cancellation Fee. If an appointment is cancelled without sufficient notice a cancellation fee may be charged, at the therapist’s discretion.

Q: Do you recognise Health Fund Provider Numbers?

Yes, we recognise Health Fund Provider Numbers.

Q: Do you have a Blue Card?

Yes, Catherine holds a current Blue Card. She is thus eligible to work with minors, the elderly, hospital patients, etc. (Catherine also volunteers at the Nambour Hospital – Dyalysis Unit).

Q: I noticed you are registered with AAMT, what does this mean?

AAMT is the Australian Association of Massage Therapists. This means that Catherine is a qualified remedial therapist, who is required to undergo ongoing education, to update and further her massage therapy skills (including 1st aid & CPR training). Catherine is a registered AAMT member. The AAMT also govern – code of conduct and accountability.

Q: You are also registered with The Medical Register of Australia, what does this mean?

The Medical Register of Australia was the first, easy to use, national compendium of Medical Specialists and other Medical Professionals arranged in specialty and geographic order. Established in 1989 and over the past 21 years has grown to contain thousands of entries detailing the clinical details of specialists and allied health professionals.

Q: Do you have a Facebook Page?

Yes, we sure do! Feel free to follow us on our Soothing Effects Massage: Facebook Page – join in the conversation and don’t forget to click our ‘LIKE’ button.